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Homeopathic treatment for whooping cough in adults

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Print This Post Whooping cough meaning, information about whooping cough symptoms, causes, whooping cough tretament with homeopathy medicine, or homeopathic treatment for whooping cough.

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This article with share with you my top tips for treating this potentially nasty cough.

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Diagnosis A doctor can diagnose whooping cough by looking at a person's medical history and current symptoms.

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Physician, educator, author, and pioneer of new paradigm medical thinking.

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Especially for people who have a tendency of catching cold easily.

Symptoms in adults

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Symptoms of whooping cough: The disease begins with a cold and a mild cough.

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Stage 2 lasts 1 to 6 weeks: Cough gets worse 2 to 50 times a day and coughing spells last longer Cough may end with a "whooping" sound as the person tries to draw Homeopathic treatment for whooping cough in adults breath not all people make the "whoop" sound Sudden intense bouts of coughing can cause bulging and tearing eyes, tongue sticking out, and bluish discoloration Vomiting or choking may follow coughing bouts Pneumonia may develop What Causes It?

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Homeopathic treatment for whooping cough in adults
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